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Direct Reduction Plant


Direct Reduction Plant

Production Capacity: 1,950,000 million metric tons per year

Products: Cold DRI (Direct Reduced Iron)

                Hot DRI (Direct Reduced Iron)

Commissioned and Started: 2013-2014

Number of Employees: 185

Main Plant Sections:

  1. Reactor Tower
  2. Process Gas Heater
  3. Water Treatment Plant
  4. CO2 Removal Unit
  5. Firefighting Pumps Station
  6. Control Room and Electrical Rooms Building
  7. Steam Package Boiler
  8. Product Conveying System to Storage Silos
  9. Iron Ore Conveying System
  10. Iron Ore Receiving Station
  11. Electrical Rooms
  12. Iron Ore Storage Silos
  13. Final Product (DRI) Storage Silos
  14. Product Conveying System to Melt shop
  15. Gas Treatment Area
  16. HYTEMP Tower for Hot Product Transfer


Production Process Summary:

Steel production starts indirect reduction plant where Iron Ore is reduced from Iron Oxides to direct reduced iron (DRI).

The reduction process occurs inside the reactor starting by reforming natural gas to carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2) that in turn react with iron ore and transform it to DRI (direct reduced iron). Inside the reactor, a carburization reaction takes place also using natural gas in order to increase carbon content in the final product as required.

Direct reduced iron produced in the reactor is either conveyed to melt shop or storage via belts after cooling it down or directly fed to melt shop in hot condition to save energy and increase productivity.